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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends not travelling to Kazakhstan

Created: 2022.01.06 / Updated: 2022.01.07 11:25

In view of the unrest in some cities in Kazakhstan, which has escalated into protests and clashes with the police, as well as the imposition of a state of emergency and a curfew until 19 January, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends not travelling to Kazakhstan.

Lithuanian citizens in the country are advised to adhere to the imposed restrictions, to avoid public places where rallies, protests and larger gatherings of people take place, to follow relevant information where possible, to conform with the public recommendations of local law enforcement authorities and take all additional precautions. It is also recommended to inform your relatives about your location.

Due to the unrest and technical connection restrictions, the Lithuanian Embassy in Kazakhstan and the Consulate General in Almaty currently provide consular assistance only to Lithuanian citizens. Consular services for foreign nationals (processing of visa applications) have been suspended until further notice.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that, although there are no formal restrictions on the transit of goods through Kazakhstan, the possibility cannot be ruled out that the introduction of restrictions on movement within the country and increased controls may make road transport more difficult in the coming days.

If you need urgent consular assistance, we recommend contacting the Lithuanian Embassy in Nur-Sultan or the Lithuanian Consulate General in Almaty, the contacts of which can be found here: .

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