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Quarantine in Lithuania - restrictions

Sukurta 2020.03.16 / Atnaujinta 2020.03.16 08:26
    Quarantine in Lithuania - restrictions

    The the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania is under quarantine from March 16 till March 30, 2020.

    Restrictions of movement across the state border and within the country shall:

    - Be imposed on all persons arriving in the Republic of Lithuania, except for Lithuanian nationals and those who hold a valid Lithuanian residence permit;
    - Not be applied to foreign nationals leaving the country;
    - Be imposed on all persons traveling by air, rail and land;
    - Not be applied on movement of goods;
    - Be imposed on movement of people within the country, as certain restrictions on public transportation will be introduced;

    Traveling restrictions shall not apply to:
    - Foreign nationals who are family members of Lithuanian citizens;
    - Foreign nationals holding a permanent Lithuanian residence permit;
    - Foreign nationals holding a valid work permit allowing them to work in the Republic of Lithuania;
    - Foreign nationals holding a diplomatic status and members of their families;
    - Foreign nationals serving in military units of NATO and Allies;

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